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Fright Night Jam Game

A spooky game with a clumsy ghost.


What were you thinking when you stumbled upon that old dusty book titled "Necronomicon"? Driven by curiosity, you summoned a ghost from the depths of hell, but now regret it as the clumsy apparition has turned your apartment into chaos.

If you don't act quickly, every object in sight will be possessed by the ghost, and worst of all, it will ultimately take over your soul! You only have two minutes to stop this disaster from happening. Hurry and put an end to the ghost's mischief before it's too late!

Fright Night was created in 1 week during the Godot Wild Jam #52, in collaboration with Paul Bellon-Serre.

A levitating chair possessed by the ghost

Level the hanging frame to exorcise it